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"My husband and I have known Sarah for years, dating back to her supplement manager position at A Market in Manchester, NH. I was starting a supplement routine as I believed it would be beneficial to our aging bodies and Sarah was a great person with whom to work. We did "click" in our thinking and approach but more importantly, Sarah is a very good listener. She then uses those skills to tailor what might work for her customer, acknowledging we are all different in our needs and discipline in following a program. She never conveys a rigidity in "whats is best".

My husband has had serious health issues and surgeries and I know I can always contact Sarah with a recommendation for a sensible recommendation of a supplement to assist in his healing."

~Kathy Fellman

"Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable individual when it comes to a person's health and what can be done to improve their overall well being. She has a very caring attitude and an easy to understand communication style."


"Sarah is my go-to dietitian when I need someone passionate and knowledgeable about food and nutrition. Her enthusiasm and creativity make her stand out and excel at any project. I rely on her to design and execute engaging and educational nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations. Sarah always impresses and goes above and beyond the task. Those in the audience give glowing reviews and say they walk away having learned about nutrition and how to apply what they learned to their own life."

~Caroline Carney, RD and Vice President of Business Development at Good Measures

"Sarah has a gift. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and dependable. She has educated me on stress reduction, healthier eating and simple ways to increase the quality of my life. Her nutritional expertise has guided me to restorative foods and supplements. I began with a simple cleanse using basic healthy food and smoothies and she supplied me with the recipes to get started. I discovered that I could feel good again with more energy and slow steady weight loss. I highly recommend spending time with Sarah. She possesses the scientific knowledge to safely guide you toward your goals."


"Through Sarah's insight and expertise, I was able to identify certain food triggers that exacerbated an array of symptoms I was expressing. She placed me on a personally designed elimination diet which I followed for 4 weeks. She also guided me in selecting the best supplements to decrease inflammation throughout my system and to increase my whole Omegas. These changes resulted in more energy, less arthritic pan and less dryness in my eyes. Through her kindness and encouragement, I have developed sensible and healthier eating habits, better sleep, reduced pain, eczema and weight loss. Improvement in my symptoms was steady and remains today.
Sarah's combination of empathy, caring intelligence and, practical knowledge are what make her a true professional and wonderful coach."

~Susan DiRocco, Amesbury, MA


"I wanted to express my gratitude to Sarah for all her help when my doctor put me on the SIBO diet. I was pretty overwhelmed when I walked out of his office that day. You gave me all the information and support that I needed to start the diet and follow through with it."


"Sarah has provided me and my family with invaluable information at times when we were lost and unsure of where to turn. I have grown to trust her opinions, thoughts and suggestions as much or more than any medical doctor I've ever consulted. She will be a key part of my "medical team" for the rest of my life!"

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