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Upcoming Events

"I love Vegetables" Food Prep Series

  • Salads: Main or Side
    Sat, Apr 25
    24 Mill Yard Unit 7, Amesbury, MA
    They don't have to be boring. Salads are an amazing way to incorporate a colorful variety of veggies to your meals. We'll create some great dishes with options along the way to tailor to your own likes and dislikes, make it a side or a main meal and help add some new options to your meal planning.
  • Sauces, Dressings, Dips, and Spreads
    Sat, Apr 04
    26 Mill Yard Unit 7, Amesbury, MA
    Sometimes what makes a dish is the sauce, the dressing or the spread you add to it. The great thing about a sauce you love, is that it can transform a very simple dish into something magical!
  • Plant Based Sushi Rolls
    Sat, Mar 21
    24 Mill Yard Unit 7, Amesbury, MA
    It's not just rice and raw fish that make a great sushi roll! There is so many things we can roll up in seaweed and other greens to make a yummy, portable meal. During this class, we'll make delicious veggie versions of sushi as well as some grain free options with surprise fillings... come hungry!
  • Quick and Easy Raw Vegan Dishes
    Sat, Mar 07
    26 Mill Yard Unit 7, Amesbury, MA
    Learn new and easy ways to incorporate plant based dishes into your daily routine. This class is meant to help broaden your horizons to whole foods meal prep that doesn't take hours to create.
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