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About Me


Vegan and vegetarian nutrition

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Heart health

Weight management

Natural food and supplements



I grew up on the NH seacoast where I still live today.  When I got to an age where I began to shop, cook and eat on my own, I became really interested in food and nutrition. I started working at a natural food store, eagerly soaking up everything I could about food and natural medicine. It was life-changing at such an early age to discover the many tools nature provides us to live a healthy life. It made perfect sense to me that eating whole, unprocessed, unadulterated food was an essential key to health. The notion that we stay close to nature to heal and nourish the body quickly gave rise to deep-rooted personal practices in my everyday life.

I developed my career working as a supplement buyer/retailer and educator in the natural foods industry for over 25 years, eventually becoming a dietitian nutritionist and going on to own my own store. I am at home here, talking to people about natural foods, supplements, and products. It never ceases to amaze me the transformation people can make by changing their diets and lifestyle for the better. I remain in awe of the many tools we have that don't involve prescription medication and the many side effects that come with them. I truly believe that the quality of what you put in your body, movement and emotional well being are keys to living a healthy, balanced life. I turn to nature first to help correct any imbalances. Having our health is vital and we all play a much more active role than we think in achieving this for ourselves. With education and support, I enjoy helping others make this connection and figure out what this looks like in their own lives. 

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